May 10, 2021

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UN – United Natives

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By: Ropata Paora (Te Taou o Ngati Whatua)

In Times recent, our whanaunga have chosen to accept deals that are in direct conflict with the articles of Te Whakaputanga of 1835, and Te Tiriti of Waitangi 1840, and by doing so have marginalised not just their own status, but that of us all! They actually truly beleive the government when they state that all claims will be settled within the next 10-15yrs, and that those claims will be Full & Final! 23/07/2010

E-hoa ma, make note of this day, cause I can guarantee you that my great x3 grand children are going to be fighting about the same bloody issues as we are, just as my Great x3 Tupuna Otene Paora (Te Taou o Ngati Whatua) did for the best part of his life did!

Thirty + years petitioning the government not to sell Takaparawhau, that it remain inalienable, not be sold, and that it also include all of the whanau, not just the Trustees. Aroha ano hoki!

1)Well, Im here to do the same, I refuse to accept the crumbs that The super city has offered up to us as Mana Whenua of Tamaki Makaurau, that being no Mana Whenua representation at the TOP Table.

2) I do not accept Doug Grahams Tamaki collective proposal of shared interest on all of Tamaki Makauraus volcanic cones, Maungakiekie being One, as all due respect to my whanaunga of Waiohua, (i te mea, He Waiohua hoki ahau!) engari i riro mai te mana o taua Maunga ki a matou O Te Taou i Te Rangi hingahinga tahi! No reira, ma matou o Te Taou, Nga Oho, Te Uringutu, koutou e whakamihi, whakanui hoki, erangi ra,

Whakahokia mai te mana, me te kaitiakitanga ki ki nga hapu e toru! Koia hoki te take, ka kapia ake te tihi o te Pa i te rangi nei, hei pupuri i te mana a o matou Matua Tupuna kei riro te mana whakahaere ki a Graham ma (Taurekareka!) E kore rawa au e whaka-ae!

3) E Tua ma! At the recent consultation hui the Kawanatanga held around the motu, The reponse was 100% unanimous:

You Stole it, and we want it back, ALL OF IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Keys announces the repeal, Findlayson says we have to go to court to prove its ours, THE MAORI PARTY CALL THAT A VICTORY FOR MAORI, and a week after the Iwi leaders, release a press Statement saying they wont accept anything less than total repeal, theyre sneakin into parliament like RATS signing off on a deal, that does not guareentee us any rights to the moana, unless we drag our selves back through a baldhead court???????????????????

Effectively legitimising the theft of a whole again (Our Lands, forests, lakes foreshores & seabeds) and making it alright once again, for baldheads to give us back a mere portion of it! (What is wrong with this picture?)

As for the visit of James Anaya, well as if we need yet another report on how F#ck Up this picture is, But he was correct in saying: If anyone can change this picture, it is us (So…….YOU IN?????????????)

As for that bloody shambles with our minister of Maori Affairs telling the UN that we the Maori were relieved & happy and together on the NZs caveat, non binding, in principle support of the Declaration on the rights of indigenous people! (He whakaaro anoo taku!)

I think we can start our own UN (UNITED NATIVES) The Tinos, The Whakaputangas, The Confeds, The Motuhakes, a wai ranei, a wai ranei.

Cause as we all know, or should know by now, NO ONE of those entities, can stem that Tide alone, we need a place and a middle ground

That we call all meet, greet, and use our combined wisdom to overcome, and cease this disease, once and for all!!!!!!!!!


I got a taste of it yesterday up at Waitangi, lot of point of views, sure, there were a few that had the control, but someone has to aye!

But the thing I loved most, was just seeing us all going hard!!!!! Yiiiiiiiaaaahhh! I love the whakaaro, and the knowledge, Man if we could only just channel that for (how ever long we need to) And stop smashing each other!

I have a whakaaro…… Lets create an entity, and a forum, where we can just share (no matter what colours) as I said yesterday, its not the clours e-hoa ma, its the korero!

Yep, I have a preference, but im not too proud to put that aside for the betterment of all. I LUV THE Fact that TUHOE Never signed The Treaty…… My tupuna Moetara signed the Whakaputuranga, but you know, I reckon, if the Tino flag was on the table that day as an option, I bet My Life that he would have chosen those colours. Thats my bias, but you honestly think about it. What one would you have chosen if it was going to guarantee the same thing????? (Come on….. now whos being bias………hehehe!) 0 mau whiriwhiri!

So me and my kids are ready to kick ass!!!!! We are gonna close down Maunga when we feel like it (Just like the bald heads assumed their power) even if it is just for a day, just to show them that theres is not the only authority, our existed before theirs did n?!

We are gonna assume ours, and when we feel like going anywhere on our lands we will, and if we wanna close down our town (Queen st) We will! (Power to the people!)


Korero whakamutunga, and you can beg to differ, or give me shit! But here it is again:

“Let the authority of the flags that fly on the respective Marae represent the Marae

Let the Flags that represent the respective Hapu and Iwi remain with the Iwi (hei tohu Mana-Motuhake)

And as a sign of their tribal authority that derives from their lands, forests and seas…

Let the Whakaputanga remain, to remind us of an autonomy that wasconfirmed &guaranteedby a King.

And let the Maori Flag created by Hiraina, Jan & Lindabethe catalysttorestore and reunite Te Iwi Maori. Three colours, Two people, One Nation (He Iwi Kotahi Tatou).”

Ropata Paora (Te Taou o Ngati Whatua)

(Come and Join us for a korero on Maunga Kiekie (Maunga Rakau Kore! 021 205 1571 [email protected])

3 thoughts on “UN – United Natives

  1. And that is that!!!! Ropata

    I know the where but not the when. Like you I have had enough.

    I want to note:

    That Self-determination has become the most problematic topic since it could lead to a very different world map. It should be recognized that self determination strikes at the legitimacy of settler domination regimes and therefore will face tangata whenua resistance longingly not only from the past, current and future generations. In some Iwi such as Tuhoe the establishment of and arrangement between hapu and Iwi for self governance have set the pathway for others to follow. This may be the indicator for changed opinions for us as Ngati Whatua on the issue;

    Also related to the above is control over the exploitation of natural resources located on our traditional lands in the Kaipara in particular the North where we have been sleeping far to long MARANGA MAI, WAIROA as you sleep the beast is at play. At present these resources are claimed by local government which gets any fees or profits from exploitation without regard to the needs or desires of tangata whenua.

    Compensation for the theft of land and property by the Clown is a topic of contention. Can someone tell me in my language what is a Maori competing entity – or is it us fighting ourselves ???

    Ngaroimata x

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