May 9, 2021

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Phoenix Renata | Anti-Aging

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It is easy to get into a makeup rut which is the main reason women get stuck with a dated look that they have been applying years. Try these tips to instantly update your look whilst taking years off your face.

Applying your make-up the way you did years ago will not look effective today, too much has changed, including you. Styles and fashion revolutionize, you dont need to stay up to date with weekly or even monthly fashion cycles but if you are wearing colours that were popular in the 80s maybe it is time take a fresh approach to your makeup and get a new look.

Simple shade and light techniques apply with anti-ageing makeup tips. Light reflects and dark recedes, if you apply those two basic elements in your everyday makeup it will make a huge difference.

Darker lipsticks can be hard and ageing and they will make your lips appear smaller. Lighter and medium toned lipsticks are softer, not as harsh and make lips appear larger. Gloss also works wonders for filling out lips. To compensate for colour if you are used to wearing a bright or dark tone on your lips, apply blusher.

Blush does wonders for adding colour and youthfulness to any make-up. Apply your blusher below the apples of your cheeks, you naturally blush quite low, and you never blush on your cheek bone so it is unnatural to place it there.

Bronzing Powders give a natural glow and add colour to your face after foundation application which brings your face to just one shade.

When using concealers as they are often thick and sit in fine lines around the eyes, do a half-half mix with an eye cream, this sheers out the concealer texture still giving you great coverage.

If you try a new look await the compliments, thats one sure way to tell if your new look had made a impact.

By Phoenix Renata

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