May 18, 2021

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artsMAD Rotorua TONIGHT (Mon 16/8) @ 5pm, Pheasant Plucker

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Kia Ora

Just a reminder that artsMAD is on again tonight. 5.30pm at The Pheasant Plucker on Arawa Street.

Five local artists/designers talk briefly about their work and what inspires them: Marc Spijkerbosch, muralist Trevor Nathan, sculptor Joni, photographer Rob Powley, musician and potter Jayne Baume, jewellery designer.

This is a social evening and great opportunity to hear from local creatives. Come along if you are thinking about sharing your story in the future!

Kiri Jarden Community Arts Officer Rotorua District Council 1061 Haupapa Street Private Bag 3029 Rotorua Phone 07 350 0209 xtn 8154 Fax 07 347 8318 Community Policy and Resources

Creating networks which grow and sustain a strong and empowered Rotorua community

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