May 12, 2021

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Phoenix Renata | Hello Dolly

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There isnt a superior approach to this seasons swinging 60s movement than the long lashed baby-doll look. But before you grab your black crme eyeliner and start channeling your inner Twiggy, I have a few tips for modernizing the look.

The eyes and eyelashes are the focus, with emphasis tightly on lashings of mascara and eyeliner.

To start off, always have a concealer as your eye base. This stops your natural oils around the eye from moving your makeup as it works like a barrier.

Next use a soft grey or mauve eye shadow and make it dark close to the lashes and fading up to the crease.

Then pencil bold black eyeliner around the lash lines top and bottom but not too much, and stretch it slightly to the outer corner and then gently smudge It should look soft and round not lined and sharp. The key is to keep an intense line close to the lashes.

Then curl the lashes, use metallic eyelash curlers or get your eyelashes permed before hand. Then generously coat the lashes with thickening and volumising mascara. Apply two or three layers, wait for the mascara to dry before layering the next coat.

Make sure to curl your lashes in between each coat of mascara to achieve that flash lashes effect, and really vamp it up by applying a few individual fake eyelashes.

My favourite trick to complement this stunning look is to add a silver eye shadow in the inner corner of the eye which adds light to the area, for a perfectly wide-eyed dolly look.

Finish the look off with pale coloured beige or pink glossy lips for a shiny pout that compliments striking eyes.

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