May 10, 2021

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Hocus-Pocus Bus Lane

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Hocus-Pocus Bus Lane

The members and supporters of Fiji Club of New Zealand (FCNZ) and the President Alton Shameem JP are profoundly perturbed by the Hocus-Pocus Bus-Lane Revenue Gouging of the Auckland and the wider motorists by the Auckland City Council.

We all are battling the effects of continuous recession and struggling to put food on the table for our families and the bus lane fines are drastically making our lives extremely difficult for us said Alton Shameem the Founder and Leader of Fiji Club of New Zealand (FCNZ) at North Shore City, Auckland the City of Hocus-Pocus Bus Lanes.

The rate and taxpayers are being squeezed high and dry, and their hearts ripped apart by those in power and this is not acceptable by the people said Alton Shameem the Chairman of Fiji Club of New Zealand (FCNZ).

The motorists are the walking wounded decimated all over Auckland City and are left bleeding to near death and traumatized by those in power said Alton Shameem the President and Leader of Fiji Club of New Zealand (FCNZ)

It is now time for the Auckland City Council and our government to wake up and listen to suffering faced by the hard working rate and taxpayers said Alton Shameem the Community Leader and Founder of Fiji Club of New Zealand (FCNZ).

Press Release by Fiji Club of New Zealand (FCNZ)
Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Alton Shameem JP
B.A. (Prof. Acctg/Admin), COP (Econs), CPPA, ICSA (13 papers) (Lond), Dip. LIA, Cert. Com. Studies, Adv. Cert. Acctg (Lond), Cert. ESOL H. Tutoring.

Founder/ Leader/ Chairman/ President

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