May 18, 2021

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Make A Difference – Vote Shaloh Mitchell for Rotorua District Council

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Tena koutou katoa,

It is a privilege to be nominated for the 2010 Rotorua Local Body Elections.

It is with great pleasure that I accept my nomination as a candidate for the Rotorua District Council, and I acknowledge those who have given me their support to do so.

I will endeavor to Make A Difference and to be a voice for our multi cultural community of Rotorua. By promoting a sense of pride and ownership in Rotorua, whilst

encouraging, fostering, promoting and perpetuating the international identity of this incredible city of Rotorua.

Being young gives me greater reason to create governance outcomes which will benefit my generation and future generations for all.

I will support the community, by having an open door policy on all issues by being fair, reasonable and prudent.

I look forward to your support in making Rotorua all that it should be … Incredible Rotorua!

Kia Ora!

Shaloh MITCHELL – Top 5 Issues:

1. Economic growth and development in the CBD and wider Rotorua, through public and private partnerships, with key community stake holders, like local tangata whenua, and interested business parties both local and international.

2. Change the outdated attitude of the Tourism Advisory Board and tourism consultants, who foster the belief that tourism in Rotorua is a seasonal business and that we should be a poor cousin to pro-active tourism centers like Taupo and Queenstown.

3. Safety for residents and visitors in Rotorua, with community programmes helping to reduce crime, domestic violence and to increase safety on our streets and in our

4. To change the attitudes and behaviour of those contributing to the degradation of our lakes, water ways and forests.

5. Create policies that allow business entities and citizens a more user friendly process in dealing with council, whilst keeping the function of Council and employees, honest, transparent and accountable for their decisions and actions.

Personal Profile:

Shaloh Mitchell is a local resident of Rotorua with both Maori, Scottish, Irish, French and American heritage.

Born and raised in the lake side village of Ohinemutu, he attended Rotorua Primary, Rotorua Intermediate, and Rotorua Boys High finishing with honors as a Prefect and a
Rotorua Young Achiever. Shaloh was also served as non-commissioned officer in the Rotorua District Cadet Unit.

After 15 years away from home he returned to Rotorua to raise his family, and to start a new future in business in Rotorua.

He is a proud father of two daughters, and has over fifteen years experience in retail/wholesale, hospitality industry, fashion/footwear design, marketing and events.

Mr. Shaloh Mitchell
Standing for:
Rotorua District Council
Martial Status:
De-facto relationship
Ohinemutu, Rotorua
Commercial Activities:
Managing Director of Ohinemutu Village Tours Ltd, Director of various Charitable Trusts, member of the Te Arawa Rangatakapu Forum, committee member of the Ohinemutu Village Residents Committee, and committee member on the 2010 Deepawali Festival Organising Committee.
Conflicts of Interest:
Nil disclosed

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Contact Phone #: +64 21 337 708

Email: [email protected]

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