May 12, 2021

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Maori Party Candidate for Hauraki Waikato Announced

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Maori Party Vice-President, Heta Hingston, has announced the successful Maori Party candidate for the 2011 General Election is Tauhuia Bruce Mataki

‘Bruce brings into the role, a distinguished career in the Defence Force, in Maori Business Development and in the agricultural sector” said Mr Hingston. He is proudly of Tainui waka, and knows the issues for whanau throughout the rohe, having worked closely with communities throughout South Auckland and Franklin Districts”, says Mr Hingston.

Mr Mataki has a great deal of experience with business and enterprise, having been a successful businessman for many years. The Maori Party feel that these skills will help greatly in terms of advancing Maori economic development.

The race was hotly contested, with three excellent candidates” said Mr Hingston. Both Pia Searancke, Hemi Rau and their support teams showed their commitment over the last month of hui held in Papakura, Pukekohe, Paeroa, Huntly and ending in Hamilton.

I am humbled by the opportunity to serve the Maori Party in Hauraki Waikato. I am a passionate supporter of the party and have a lot of energy for this new role. Hauraki Waikato is calling for a change – a fresh approach with someone completely focused on their local issues. I greatly look forward to the challenge of contesting the seat”, ” said incumbent candidate Bruce Mataki.


  • Bruce Mataki; ph 0275-241-438
  • Heta Hingston, telephone 07-3480581 or 027 348 0581

2 thoughts on “Maori Party Candidate for Hauraki Waikato Announced

  1. EVEN THOUGH he's been waiting half an hour, Bruce Mataki, 55, stands still and straight, just as he did in his Army days. He's at Auckland Airport to meet wife Trish, 49, and her aunt, Judith, 63, who've been to Australia to see Trish's ailing father Tau Noa. The girls have been gone eight days, about 182 hours, not that Bruce has been counting.

    Okay. He's missed her. They've talked a few times. The texts have been flowing.

    And now he smiles, chuckles, and tells me how he met his match.

    "I was in the Army, based at Burnham. She was an accounts clerk in a Government department and they came in for some training.

    "Our initial meeting was, well, quite hostile. I was the instructor and she was very boisterous. Very enquiring – not the 'yes sir, no sir, three bags full sir' stuff I was used to. She stood out. That spirit made me sit up and think, 'who the hell is answering back like this?' Giving back as good as she got. And she hasn't stopped since."

    Twenty-six years they've been married and after two kids they are raising 3-year-old twin mokopuna.

    "Oh my wife just loves her grandchildren," Bruce says. "Probably missed them more than me." Poor chap. Then two extremely exuberant women march through the gates, one rushing up to snog him. Oh he's fine!

    I ask Trish about that first meeting. "I was very unco-operative."

    First impressions? "He was very quiet. But sure. And very good looking. Still good looking now, even though the hairline's receding a bit." I tell my children that's my fault." Pushing his head against the bed head."

    Um is he romantic? "In his own quiet way. Never been much of a texter though. "I send all these texts and never get any back. Then this morning I sent one saying we were at the airport and on our way home.

    "My phone beeps. And I said, 'Oh my god Aunty. It's him'."

    Bruce's text was short, just one word. "Joy".

    Thank you to the Herald on Sunday for this choice article…

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