May 11, 2021

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National Primary & Secondary Hip Hop Comps 2010

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National Primary Secondary Schools, Hip Hop Competitions 2010 will be held at the ASB Stadium, Kohimarama on Sat 9th October 2010

Door entry :

  1. Nationals $20.00
  2. Performers $5.00
  3. Concession Tickets $10.00 supporters
  4. Must be purchased before 25th September

Closing Date for Registrations 25th Sept 2010 so Draw can be done for 9th October.

Band will be available to play songs for contestants if you don’t have a CD. A list of songs they can play will be sent out later otherwise you can request sings for them to play by 25th September.

Overall categories for Dance are points for battle and performance dance combined.


  • No max numbers for performers.
  • No swearing in music
  • Max 5 minute routine
  • Must be school age to be a performer U18 No Smoking/Drinking on site or during performances
  • (Group may be disqualified)


Top Secondary School Hip Hop Performance Dance Battle Sections Trophy plus $250.00 -Top Primary School Hip Hop Performance Dance battle Sections Trophy Plus $250.00 -Top Song (solo-Group) Trophy Plus $50.00 -Top Rapper Trophy Plus $50.00 (Rap Battle)

Special Prizes :

  • Jerking Battle
  • Krump Battle
  • Beat Box Battle

Contact Person :

  • Te Kawe Ratu
  • 12 Cranbrook place Hamilton
  • Home : (07) 8546864
  • Work : (07) 8289013
  • Email : [email protected]

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