May 15, 2021

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Ni hao ma (Derek Fox)

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I heard the other day that 37 percent of people who live in Auckland werent born there. I can hear some of you saying so what well not only were they not born there but according to the source of this information neither were they born in this country; and that got me thinking chuckling too.

Most of those people come from Asia and I was chuckling and hoping that I would still be around when they became the majority maybe even the overwhelming majority – of people living in Auckland. I was hoping too that Rodney Hide was still going to be around when that happened and I was looking forward to seeing him jumping up and down demanding special seats for Pakeha on the Auckland super-city council.

Rodneys one of those dopey politicians who is only in Parliament because the National Party encouraged their supporters in his electorate to vote for Rodney so that they could have a right-wing support party in Parliament.

National with support agreements with ACT Rodneys mob and the Maori Party, leads the present government. Both support parties have five members. The difference is the five Maori Party MPs won their seats at the ballot box. Rodney on the other hand won his seat by National pulling support of their man, and he then dragged the other four in off their party list by virtue of their share of the party vote. If Rodney hadnt won his seat there would not be an ACT party in the House.

Now where am I going with this? Well Rodney and his right-wing cronies are in Parliament because of the one person TWO votes system of voting that we have in New Zealand.

As Minister for Local Government he has passed a law setting up a super-city in Auckland; and despite the Royal Commission that looked into this matter recommending dedicated seats for Maori on the citys council like we have in the New Zealand Parliament Rodney refused to include that saying it was anti democratic. Democracy he said was one man one vote, and he got his way in the Parliament.

Wrong Rodney democracy is government of the people by the people. One-man one vote is only one method of selecting a government, and weve already seen that YOU are only in the Parliament because of a system of one man two votes. If it was just a one man one vote system Rodney would still be roaming around Newmarket in his silly yellow jacket looking for a real job.

New Zealand changed its voting system some years ago because of the unfairness of the first past the post system, and the dedicated Maori seats in Parliament remain to ensure that the tangata whenua are able to participate in our democracy.

Yet in the selection of the most powerful body in the country outside of Parliament, weve gone back to first past the post and have guaranteed that there will not be any Maori representation on the new council.

Like I said earlier Im looking forward to further immigration and prolific breeding by the immigrants, and using Rodneys democratic process seeing them elected to and running the Auckland super-city. And I hope I will still be able to laugh out loud when one of Meng Foons relations is elected Mayor of Auckland.

Kia ora.

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