May 10, 2021

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Racist billboard + Arrogant (eaten for lunch comment…) PM = ??

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Kia ora whanau

These billboards have popped up all over Auckland and Wellington and while being very unoriginal, it does prompt the question why?

The Coastal Coalition site starts out “The foreshore and seabed were vested in the Crown when New Zealand adopted British common law in the 1800s” and never seems to get better from there.

In a sign of growing sign of a disenfranchised Right-wing, they are picking PM John Key out and aligning him with supposed-Maori sentiments. Now, whoever has been giving them advice around this needs to find a new job as it was more a Winston Peters thing to close his eyes to one injustice so that another set of injustices could prevail. Perhaps he is behind this group? Perhaps Mureil Newman is trying to make a come back to Parliament, considering she was another loser in the ACT battle for leadership supremacy? Perhaps they all just need a hug??

Either way, here is the offending billboard. We are encouraging whanau to lodge complaints here: and to take this so-called Coalition to task.

2 thoughts on “Racist billboard + Arrogant (eaten for lunch comment…) PM = ??

  1. he Coastal Coalition Clowns are being totally deceptive on this issue. The foreshore is the bit of land that is sometimes wet and sometimes dry, depending on the tide. The seabed is the bit of land that is always wet because it is always below the low tide mark. The beaches are the sandy or rocky bit higher than the seabed and foreshore. So this has nothing to do with access to the beaches; it is about ownership of the bits of land below the beaches.

  2. Good on the "Coastal Coalition". They have my support as does any organisation trying the put an end to the greivance industry and the bottom feeders it supports.

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