May 12, 2021

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TechNZ Internship Programme 2010/11

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TechNZs undergraduate student internship programme for 2010/11 isnow open for registrations. For the 2010/11 summer (November to February), we will support 185 senior undergraduate students to undertake internships with innovative New Zealand companies.

Over the next six weeks, we are inviting companies to register their interest to be part of this programme and present a brief outline of the project they are looking to undertake. This programme is open to all companies as we are looking to place students into companies, both large and small, where R&D is at the centre of their growth strategies.

Companies will be invited to submit a three page registration of interest document. This and the fact sheet pdf is available to be downloaded through the Foundations website -

The registration of interest is basically the application stage – it will be a one step process so we can access applications on their merit not just first in the door.

Note companies do not need to have a student lined up prior to registering. Companies can also register for more than one project, but this year we are only providing funding for one undergraduate per company.


Registrations of interest open Monday 9 August.

Companies to email completed registrations to [email protected] byFriday10September.

Companies notified ofdecision by Monday24 September. Successful companies can find a student.

Companies have until Friday 19 November to find an undergraduate student and submit project plan.

Key Features

  • Internship funding provides baseline funding of $16 per hour + GST for up to 400 hours of work upon proof of the company’s payment to the intern. This funding is paid directly to the company employing the student.
  • TechNZ will provide funding for one undergraduate per company.
  • Once approved, the company will need to identify a student (if not already known) and present a final project plan to TechNZ.

Please come back to me if you have any queries

Kind regards

Peter Maxwell
TechNZ Partner
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P.O.Box 9466
New Zealand.

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