May 9, 2021

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Vote Hera Naera for Rotorua District Council

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Hera Naera – Candidate for Rotorua District Council – Vote for Enduring Solutions –

Hera is from the Cookson Whanau of Rotokawa, married to George Naera of Ohinemutu.

Heras professional background is in Business and Resource Management.

Heras current role in Maori land administration and development within the Bay of Plenty Region requires engagement in partnerships and ventures with various industries from the rural sector and horticulture to retail development.

Hera also supports and facilitates local groups to deal with local government issues, in order to enable their community vision and to achieve their goals.

Hera has 3 main areas of focus for Rotorua District Council:

1. Enduring solutions for Rotoruas future collaborative development.

2. Enduring relationships with Maori good for Maori, great for Rotorua.

3. Enduring prospects for Rotoruas children and youth hope, pride and passion.

Your vote for Hera = Rotorua Revitalised

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