May 7, 2021

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Biodiversity Funds open for applications

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The Biodiversity Funds are a government initiative to enhance management of indigenous biodiversity outside public conservation lands (i.e. only private land including Maori land is funded). This includes areas of native vegetation, wetlands, and the habitats of native fish, birds and other species. Foreshore (the area between low and high watermark) and Crown-owned coastal marine areas are also excluded from funding by the Biodiversity Funds.

Applications are invited twice a year from private landowners and community groups for projects on private land aimed at improving or maintaining the condition of indigenous vegetation, species and habitats. Work to be carried out on public lands, which include DOC reserves, council owned land, or Crown-owned foreshore and riverbeds, will not be considered.

Advice Fund

The Biodiversity Advice Fund supports the provision of information and advice to land managers to assist them in managing indigenous biodiversity. It will fund projects that inspire landholders or groups to improve the condition of indigenous biodiversity (outside of public conservation lands). The advisory services may be one off or ongoing. Methods of providing information and advice could include ecological reports, management plans, field days, expert advice, wananga, publications (including electronic material), training, workshops and seminars.

Condition Fund

The Biodiversity Condition Fund aims to improve and maintain the condition of areas of indigenous vegetation, species and habitats (including wetlands and other freshwater ecosystems). The Fund seeks to broaden community effort in the management of indigenous biodiversity, and to complement other contributions for its enhancement. It will fund projects that enhance biodiversity outside public conservation lands, and particularly on areas under legal protection. Projects could involve, for example, fencing, weed control, restoration planting or pest control.

General information

There is a general guideline of $60,000 per year maximum for a single project. This is to assist in reducing the pressures on the fund caused by large applications and to ensure that the maximum number of projects meeting the Funds criteria can be supported.

A guideline for the maximum project term of three years has also been adopted for both funds with the general expectation that alternative funding will be sourced within that initial 3-year term for ongoing projects.

In setting these terms and limits as a guide it is accepted that in some exceptional cases applicants may still wish to bid for an amount in excess of the fund limit. These applications will still be accepted but any approvals would be made as an exception and would need a very persuasive application in both instances. Prior discussion with the Fund Manager is essential in such cases.

Current funding round

The Funds are currently OPEN for applications.

Check out the website:

CLOSING: All applications must be received by the Fund no later than 3pm on Thursday 14 October 2010.

You are encouraged to apply online using the online application forms. Further information on the online application process can be found within the online application guide. Posted applications are also happily excepted. You can post or email your completed application form to the Fund. These forms can be found on our Application Forms and Guides page.

All applicants will be informed in writing that their application has been received approximately ten working days after closing. All applicants will be individually informed as to the outcome of their application to the Fund. This usually occurs around four months after the closing date.

It is anticipated another Funding Round will open in April 2011. If you wish to be kept informed of future funding rounds please contact the funds at [email protected].

Further information
Please contact DOC if you have any questions about the Biodiversity Condition Fund or the Biodiversity Advice Fund.

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