May 17, 2021

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Boy takes it out!

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(By Martin Gibson) JUDGES at the Qantas Media Awards agreed with New Zealand movie-goers and critics. The East Coast film Boy scooped seven awards at the Auckland event on Saturday.

Nominated for 13 awards, Boy won gongs for best feature film, best director, best supporting actor, best screenplay, best cinematography, best editing, and best original soundtrack.

Boy is set in a rural Maori community in the Bay of Plenty in 1984, and was mostly shot in Waihau Bay where director Taika Waititi spent much of his childhood.

He had cast many locals for the roles because he didnt want to get a kid from the city and say Put on this voice and pretend youre from the Coast.

Producer Ainsley Gardiner, who is Ngati Awa from Whakatane, was touched by how audiences around the world had responded to the story of childhood on the Coast.

I had a great night its always good to get the cast, crew and whanau together, its nice for Boy to be recognised, but its nerve-racking being up on stage, she told The Gisborne Herald this morning.

Taikas skill is to be very specific, to show Maori as they are, but also very universal with his films, so they are very authentic,

Boy doesnt pretend there are no negative points, it just shows the families dealing with them with laughter, hope, imagination and all those human aspects.

Despite their film premiering at Sundance, being nominated for an Oscar and winning the Young Viewers category at the Berlin International Film Festival there are no plans for the team to move to Hollywood, says Gardiner. I can barely afford to stay in Ponsonby. Hopefully I can ride Taikas coat-tails, and be making him coffee on the set of a big feature film.

It does appeal to me, getting that international experience, but I would have to work pretty hard to take my skill set overseas.

Taika will probably take some opportunities because he needs the stimulation. He is driven by telling really good stories, but there are a whole lot of them to tell from here.

We definitely want to do something pre-colonial at some stage.

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