May 16, 2021

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“Coming up with the original concept is bugger-all… all you’ve got to do is go to Google and see everything’s been invented.” Finding supporters to develop and market a saleable solution is 90% of the effort. – Gareth Morgan.

The New Zealand Cleantech Challenge is a great opportunity to find supporters tohelp develop your ideasin New Zealand. The challenge is a hunt for the most promising hot new products, accessories, communication campaigns, and building designs that are affordable and supportgreat living with less reliance on resources.

Some idea include:

  • Email text campaigns to help new gardeners know what and when to plant
  • Bicycle accessories that make using the bike to carry loads easily
  • Innovative and fashionable taps for naturally efficient low-pressure hot water systems.
  • Community programs that support good relationships with neighbours and community.
  • Stylish, low-energy lighting systems.

All of these things are great ideas that could win prizes! From clean tech to nana-tech to supporting whanaungatanga.

Contestants will compete in local regions, then one New Zealand winner will compete, in November, against the winners from other countries at theglobal finals in California.

The New Zealand Cleantech Challenge are looking for anything from revolutionary ways to generate clean energy, to better ways to filter water, to efficient buildings, to new products, to ideas about how government policies on climate change can foster new businesses. And we are not just looking for good ideas we are looking for concepts and technologies that can become great businesses that will reward entrepreneurship and bolster New Zealands economy.

With your help we can help bring NZ innovations to the world. The goals of the challenge locally are to promote clean technologies and to raise the profile of innovations to other keen regional and national supporters.

We needinnovative and inspiring ideas fromTangata Whenua so get your submission in quick!

Make your short submission here:

Entries close soon!

-Tim Bishop

Otago Institute of Design

0800 762 786

021 705 346

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