May 8, 2021

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Making healthier food choices in Paeroa

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Making healthier food choices in Paeroa is easy thanks to Hauraki Healthy Kai.

The Te Korowai Hauora O Hauraki project, funded by Waikato DHBs Maori Community Action Obesity fund, is making healthy food more accessible by identifying three Healthy Kai menu items at participating food outlets in the town and promoting them in-store.

Hauraki Healthy Kai works closely with 11 local cafes, takeaway bars and convenience stores to identify their healthier options with less than 10 per cent fat content.

Coordinator Leanne Young said the type of food we eat has a major influence on our health so it is important that where possible, we choose the healthier options.

These choices can be hard though, so were making it easier for everyone. Were not encouraging people to eat out and its ultimately up to them to decide what choices they make but Hauraki Healthy Kai will show them that when they are buying food, there are healthier options available, and exactly what they are, Ms Young said.

Hauraki Healthy Kai 1The project started in June 2009 and since then has received a positive response andgreat support from the community.

Retailers display certificates and posters in their shop to show customers that they are involved in the project and that they have items available, supported by brochures and advertising in the local newspaper.

A recent addition to the campaign is in-store promotion encouraging shoppers to choose trim milk.

The project is funded by Waikato DHBs Maori Community Action Obesity Projects fund, part of the Healthy Eating Healthy Action (HEHA) strategy.

The project is based on the successful South Auckland Healthy Kai project run in Mangere, Glen Innes, Otara and Glen Eden in 2007, but it has its own local Paeroa twist to it with promotion around deep-frying training and encouraging them to sell more fruit and vegetables.

The project also builds on existing initiatives including The Paeroa Way, funded by HEHA, run by 12 Paeroa schools aimed at improving the health and nutrition of their students through education and hands-on learning.

Hauraki Healthy Kai is working with the retailers that supply food to the 12 schools to provide them with a greater understanding of what food is healthy and what we should be encouraging our children to eat.

Hauraki Healthy Kai retailers and their healthier options:

  1. Tui Coffee lounge – Chicken wholemeal sandwich, chicken wrap, baked beans on toast
  2. Coachmans Caf – Wholemeal roast beef roll, ham sandwich, potato-top mince pie
  3. Courtyard Caf – Roast vegetable salad, Vogel chicken sandwich, date scone
  4. Jokers Caf – Vegetarian burger, BLT sandwich, shrimp salad
  5. Cosy Kitchen Caf – Ham and tomato toasted sandwich, wholemeal chicken sandwich, chicken wrap
  6. Kumars – Lamb biriyani, fish masala, chicken saagh
  7. L&P Caf – Kumara quiche, chicken wrap, vegetable stack
  8. Paeroa Four Square – Wholemeal bread, fresh fruit and vegetables, low fat milk
  9. Midway Burger Bar – Grilled fish, chicken fillet burger, ham cheese and pineapple toasted sandwich
  10. Aquarius Restaurant & Takeaways – Roast beef meal, fresh fish and fresh mussels

Criterion Dairy and S & A Garden Fresh Grocery are also joining the programme soon.

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