May 7, 2021

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Maori urged to do homework before heading to Australia

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The Maori Party is urging Maori people who have plans to move to Australia to do their homework first, following concerns that many of them are heading there with dreams of milk and honey and coming out disappointed and destitute.

Our people are not tangata whenua in Australia so they must realise that they aren’t entitled to most of the services there, unless they get permanent residency or dual-citizenship,” Maori Party co-leader Tariana Turia said.

“Our people must do the proper checks with the Australian authorities before making the decision to move over. They should also have a back-up plan and enough money put away in case they don’t get a job and need to come home. It really bothers me when I hear some of our people don’t have enough funds to fly home and community groups over there have to dig into their pockets.”

Mrs Turia said the Maori Party offices were getting approached by church and social service groups in Brisbane, Gold Coast and Sydney concerned that many Maori were moving to those areas and struggling to cope.

We also get many calls to assist in getting tupapaku home. Theres no state funding for that and whanau should really be taking out insurance or setting aside a putea for that. I commend those whanau who have made the move and are providing for their whanau, but I can not reiterate enough how important it is for those considering going over to thoroughly research what they might be in for.

“As a political party in Aotearoa we have no jurisdiction in Australia, and rightfully so but we can try to get the message across to our people while they are here.”

According to Te Puni Kokiri there were 115,000 and 125,000 Maori living in Australia in 2006 – that’s between 16 – 19% of the total Maori population.

For more information go online to the Australian Department of Immigration and Citizenship:

2 thoughts on “Maori urged to do homework before heading to Australia

  1. Recently, I didnt give a lot of consideration to leaving comments on blog page posts and also have placed remarks even substantially much less.

  2. I have lived in Aussie for 40 plus years. My family are raised and for some years now I have headed a food relief agency the Welfare arm of my local church which I have also attended for many years.

    I commend you on your story as we my staff and I have been expieriencing this same crisis, brought to us by many of our people. Most have lost their jobs and are finding it hard to get new ones, some are homeless[ I have suggested they try and go home],and yes there are many who are destitue.Families who come over and all of a sudden the mother is left alone.Life goe's on there are still bills to pay and then they find that there are limited services available to them if that.

    Research is needed before people even think of going to a travel agencyGo to Linz and find out what is on offer over here.NOT MUCH. Our people need to be warned there is no "milk and Honey".

    In our agency we can provide food but not much else, as our agency is supported by our congregation.

    So take it from me who sees this need and sometimes desperation weekly,

    something has to be done over there to get the message across.

    I hope things get better soon. Signed Harriett Grace.

    P.S. I too would like to contact you re helping people to get home!!!

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