May 8, 2021

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Rotorua Artists invited to discuss new approach to arts promotion (13 Sep, 4pm)

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(Sorry for the short notice) Local art enthusiasts are being invited to a meeting at Rotorua District Council next week to discuss a new approach to supporting the local art scene.

Artists, gallery operators, art schools, studios, arts and crafts community groups, and designers are encouraged to attend the forum at the council Civic Centre on Monday 13 September at 4pm.

RDC community arts officer Kiri Jarden says the Rotorua Arts Trail, initiated by the council in 2005, promotes local art galleries, artists studios, and public artwork to the community.

While the arts trail has been a mechanism for advertising in an affordable way, it has had mixed commercial success for artists studios and galleries outside of the CBD. Part of the issue is the changing arts landscape – studios and galleries have shifted, moved away, or just opened their doors and the current set-up is not part of a regular cycle of updating information.

Ms Jarden says RDC published a directory of artists, designers, arts and crafts organisations, and venues, in conjunction with the first trail five years ago.

It may be that we look for something that bridges the two documents but we need to have the discussion first.

Anyone interested in attending the meeting should contact Kiri Jarden on 350 0209 extn 8154 or email [email protected].

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