May 11, 2021

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Census Jobs coming up: District Supervisors needed now

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As you may or may not be aware, Statistics NZ is recruiting one of the country’s largest temporary work forces for the 2011 Census.

Statistics NZ needs approximately 7,500 field staff, from Cape Reinga to Stewart Island.

They are currently recruiting for 450 District Supervisors across the country.

If you receive any enquiries regarding these jobs, please direct people contact Stats NZ on 0800 CENSUS or [email protected]. Click on the link below to view the advert.

2 thoughts on “Census Jobs coming up: District Supervisors needed now

  1. Nga mihi,

    I am interested in applying for a district supervisors position primarily focused within the Waitara, North Taranaki area.

    naku iti noa nei

    na, Evan

  2. Could I please have a job description sent to me as I am very interested in this role. I love meeting new people and I have very strong customer service skills. I am of Ngati-toa, Kai tahu desent.

    Much appreciated.

    Naku noa


    Maureen Goodman

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