May 9, 2021

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Another large jolt rocks Otautahi (Christchurch): updated

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Reports are coming in from Christchurch that another large earthquake has rocked the city. Initial reports suggest that power is out and Facebook status updates have announced that Westfield mall has been evacuated.

The magnitude 5.0 earthquake struck at 11.32am, 10 kilometres south-west of Christchurch at a depth of 9km, GNS Science said. Because the shake was so shallow GNS says the quake would have felt more like a 7.0 magnitude quake.

Reports were coming in that power was out to some parts of the city, and that cell networks were overloaded.

In addition our sources tell us that:

“It seemed to last a long time but it was only a matter of about 10-20 seconds. People have been hurt in supermarkets where things fell on them. Part of the roof at the Riccarton mall came down and the library at canterbury uni has been closed. Books flew everywhere.

We are also told that theLyttlelton tunnel is closed until they check it out

Fire alarms were heard around Christchurch.

Four other quakes have hit this morning. A 4.0 magnitude quake struck at 10.54am, 20km south-west of Christchurch.

Residents have been rocked by continual aftershocks since the city has hit by a massive 7.1 quake on 4 September causing major damage throughout the city.

Be safe whanau!

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