May 10, 2021

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Homai Te Pakipaki taken out by Ngati Ranginui/Te Arawa

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A surge of votes from viewers made Roman Nicholas from Ngati Ranginui and Te Arawa this years Homai Te Pakipaki winner.

Nicholas once described singing as “a hobby of his” but the talented Tauranga teenager may have to rethink his future after winning the grand final of the Maori Television’s talent show Homai Te Pakipaki. Mr Nicholas, 19, a former Otumoetai College student, wowed text-voters with his reggae-style rendition of I Shot the Sheriff at the live final on Friday night, the Bay of Plenty Times reported. Singing in the talent show was his first time singing in a public competition.

It was quite cool … and surprisingly I wasn’t nervous. It was a new experience for me and I really enjoyed it,” he said.

Maori Television co-host Matai Smith says the Tauranga 19-year-old brushed off a bout of flu and took his parents advice to hire a suit so hed look better on TV. He says that went down well with the home audience, even if he wasnt the favourite of the capacity crowd of over 4000, at Aucklands Logan Campbell Centre.

The show, which began with about 200 contestants, was whittled down to just 10 and Mr Nicolas competed alongside another Tauranga talent 18-year-old Stevie Reweti, also a former Otumoetai College student, for bragging rights and his share of the $10,000 prizes.

Roman Nicholas took 22.5 percent of the vote, while Eddie Biddle took 11.9% of the vote and with Warena Pomama from the Wairarapa third with 11.2% of the vote.

Mr Nicholas said the competition was “definitely tough” because “everyone sounded very good on the night” and he credited his family and friends for his win.

“It was really great to win but I was thinking of all who had voted.

The win brought instant rewards for Mr Nicholas and he was asked to open the 12-hour Chur Chur Earthquake Fund Appeal in Rotorua yesterday.

His next guest appearance is at this weekend’s Tauranga Moana Tangata Festival along with Mr Reweti.

Kia ora to the Bay of Plenty Times’ reporters Sandra Conchie with Genevieve Helliwell for much of this content.

11 thoughts on “Homai Te Pakipaki taken out by Ngati Ranginui/Te Arawa

  1. Aww dur! U dont need a bloody genius to figure that one out. Of course their families are gonna stock up on texts in order for them to win. How the heck do u think they got there, by only strangers voting for them. How can people be so stupid? And as for the one trying to sound so sophisticatingly educated from America before u go righting rubbish like that up why you find out the true reason why they have Homai te Pakipaki. Sheesh where do uz come from! DUUUUURRRRRR! 😛 Blehh

  2. at the end of the day winning is okay,I live in Australia and won the coca cola talent quest,and furthered what i did by going out and using the little talent i have and thats what really matters,how committed are you to move on rather than singing in talent Quests for the rest of your life we have a gift that people pay lots of money for .Thats to learn how to sing Kia Ora

  3. Hi, well I’m disgusted with the replies on here!!! Not necessary is that true, about some of the singers on Homai te pakipaki, are selected over really good singers…this is not America’s & Australian Idol. The purpose of this is to give alot of people of all walks of life a chance at singing, whats not fair are the professional singers coming on here, who have been singing for years! they should sound GREAT!!! but when someone from off the street comes in and takes it out…well…good luck to him/her. I understand what you are saying about the txt stack ups! but hey, that’s Maori Television’s good luck and contestant. WHO CARE’S IF THIS WAS SOME PAKEHA IDEA… would be FANTASTIC…NOT. 🙁


    1. The only disgrace on here are people like u. Dumb arse it aint American Idol. For real who made u a singing coach, fair to average voice my arse. The show is for anyone that wants to have a go at singing whether they can or not. If ur such a professional at judging people by their vocals lets see u get up there & sing.

  5. i thought that Roman should not have won, he was bland and boring, wore the same clothes three times, showed no enthusiam, and done nothing to inspire or encourage the support of the audience. The votes were stacked because within my social cirlce not ONE person agreed with it. I received a phone call from a friend of a whanau member of one of the contestants asking me if I would buy a raffle ticket fundraisimg to purchase Vodafone top up cards! HOWS THAT??? I went off my face n said if they can't win honestly then get out of the game!!!! I have written to Maori TV and voiced my opinion about how disgusted I was in the method in which they were selected. I would like to see a panel of judges in the semi's and the finals and TEXT judging needs to be kept to a 15 minute time frame like in the heats. Imagine what would happen if we judged our kapa haka in the same manner there would be an uproar. Each of these contestants need to be given the same respect and mana that they deserve! As for Roman….arohamai his puku will tell him the truth and he knows it and only he can live with what has happened…na te whakama hei patu.

  6. Kia ora, I agree with some of the korero. I truly think the Production crew and Maori Television needs to look at formulating an adequate judging formula, other than the text voting… I understand that they have the ability to dismiss any contestant from either the heats or finals (at any time), which then brings up the issue, how honest is the production crew???

    It's like Kapa Haka Competitions (these involve alot of political agenda's).

    Whilst I think the overall concept of Homai Te Pakipaki is great…I really think that they need to look at avenues of assuring the right singers make it through to the grand finals. There were a couple of standouts for me this year. That Keelan lady from Ngati Kahungunu/Ngati Porou was great, the P.I guy (he sings Elvis songs) was good, and I thought that Rachel Tamapolu was also good (NB; I know she used to sing in a band called Avoca, they played all throughout Asia…So yes, the depth of talent was great, I just hope the producers look at other avenues for judging…

    NB; Local judges would be great.

    Nga mihi ki a koutou katoa…He uri tenei no Ngati Pikiao…


  7. Hey people I agree. Ive watched it on the net from the US cant wait to come home to tell my whanau. Here is my take on it.

    People who watch Homai te pakipaki do not realise the business side of the show. Where do you think Maori TV gets the $30,000 prize money. FROM YOU! It’s a cheating game and most people do not know it. Have you ever wondered why the other person who is a better singer and performer does not make it? Heres how it works, it may shock you.

    The winner is going to be the person who fund raises the most money to buy $50.00 phone cards to give to their supporters. You only need 40 people with $50.00 phone cards to get 2000 text votes. This is how Romans supporters took out the competition every time. Its called text vote stacking and is used all the time.

    Which means the genuine good singers who do not know this are going to miss out.The heats are more honest because you don’t know who is going to get in and you get a limited time to text vote.

    In the semi's you can vote a day before it starts. (strange?)Maori television know this and stand to make thousands of dollars per vote around 70 cents per text file. So if you are wanting to win it will take money not necessarily talent. The other winners are telecom and or Vodafone.

    Paki up!!!!! Shouldbe called Money UP!! It’s a con.

  8. Kia ora e hoa – if you are going to post please do so as the same person and not as 3 different people. We're able to track IP addresses internally. We've deleted two of the previous posts as they are emanating from the same address.

    Happy for the korero to be out there but please, just write as one single person, so as not to inflate an what may or may not be an issue.

    No reina, mauri ora!

  9. Ohh my God Why didn’t I see it? It makes sense now that I know what text stacking is. It always use to confuse me why some people who are very good performers do not make it and yet there are a few koretaki ones that do get in to Homai te pakipaki.

    It means any person can win if your whanau buy enough phone cards. Or better still do a little fund raising. 40 people with a $50.00 phone card each equals 2000 text votes, Oh my god this is cheating.

    We need to let people know about this because it is just not right. Maori TV should be held accountable for this.

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