May 12, 2021

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Hone Davis for Kapiti Coast District Council

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Ko Tainui te waka, ko Tararua nga pae maunga, ko Ngati Raukawa te iwi.

Hone believes it is time for change in council. A 25-year resident of Otaki and with over 20 years working in the education and social services sectors and as a successful small-business owner, Hone is standing as an independent District wide councilor.

Hone believes his people, management and governance skills, diverse community relationships and advocacy for strong family values will resonate with Kapiti residents who want better community representation in council.

Vote Hone Davis as your no.1 choice.

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Top 5 Issues

  1. Water: My supporters tells me, we need to keep the Otaki River water in OTAKI. The council has made a decision to Recharge the Waikanae River and then purchase land to build a Dam at Maungakotukuktuku as a backup option a commendable decision in light of resources committed to it and getting a result. This might suggest the Otaki River is not in the thinking but my sources tell me to the contrary. Future growth in the district ensures the need to look at the Otaki River in the future. The Otaki River will continue to be viewed as a major source of water in our District and the threat to it will remain. My support encourages me to stay alert to this situation. more education about water and water management needs to continue.
  2. Family Values: Hone strongly advocates for Strong Families and Family Values. Strong Families make strong communities. The Kapiti Coast is a great place to grow families. For 20 years I have been actively involved in the activities of our young people and their families with Touch Rugby, Soccer and Netball at club and Representative levels. I am concerned about ensuring our whanau and families are all accessing and are receiving support and wrap around support needed to strengthen the family unit. I bring vast experience to working collaboratively with NGOs, Local and Central govt services and support. Only 10 years ago, it was hard to see how our community members could achieve national honours in their chosen sport or even getting to University/Polytechnic or apprenticeship courses. Now the pathways to the top are clearer and supported. I want to capitalize on the number of outstanding athletes we have in our community. Our local newspapers and the Observer regularly report the achievements of our young and old. I am a supporter of the Aqua Centre. Families will have access to a facility closer to home than Porirua or Levin. Affordable access to the general public will be an aspect I will advocate. With a strong focus on Councils expenditure into big ticket items in the near future as an elected councilor I will strive to ensure those items are affordable to all of our families. We need to develop our youth to ensure they look after us in our retirement. We need to develop more platforms for them to strut their stuff. This gives them confidence and acceptance in their communities. It gives them Identity. I will advocate a Youth Space. We need to find a model that works. Already we have a huge network across the District who can provide the leadership. Working together for a better future for all.
  3. Expressway: This is not a done deal. The Expressway strikes a cord with me. It strikes a cord for the reason, We as a collective, as a District , as a people had made a decision at the local level. We had a plan. We were 6 months away from bringing the Bulldozers in and we wouldve been able to address our own issuesour way. Then the government comes in over the top with their own plan and decided the expressway is the way forward. I am not happy with this! I am not happy with the fact our people made a collective decision and the Government saw it fit to disrespect the work done and the people affected by our own efforts. The Government needs to get a clear message about how we feel about this process. I am not anti roading development people but Im not happy about the process this government has used. We have been undermined as a District.
  4. Environment: I believe we are Kaitiaki of all the natural resources and we as Guardians/Kaitiaki have a role to maintain those resources. I’d like to promote greater awareness about caring for the environment and how we can do that.Create more collaborative initiatives for the community to come together to promote gardening for our less well off families as well as building little enterprises for the young to learn from.
  5. Economic Development: The Coast is a sleeping giant and business growth is vital for the District to lift itself out of the recession. Together, business and communities will improve the economic outcomes for the district. I believe we have a sleeping giant of economic activity. I will commit to bringing together diverse businesses to collaborate to build a better economy for the district. Otaki is the oldest township on the coast. The relationships with people and people with the land have remain across a few generations. There is cultural Advantage in our district that bring opportunity. As a Councilor, I’ll ensure every opportunity for business growth. Working at making the pathways easier for growth.

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Authorised by Hone Davis of 149 Mill Road, Otaki

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