May 11, 2021

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Opinion: Maori For Sure: thoughts on Moana Takutai | Te Prophet

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(By Te Prophet) Moana Takutai and the foreshore debate will require time and patience. For some iwi taking the debate to parliament and fighting for recognition through the courts is a necessary tactic.

Allowing the Maori Party to debate inequality is another tactic. Forcing commercial investment and collaboration is another tactic. Infusing the public domain with positive propaganda is another tactic.In the end perseverance in all areas provides rewards in the long term and there will be casualties. Time and history has shown that a continual attack on multiple fronts, taking in the environment, motivations, hearts and minds of the many will eventually change perception. These fronts do not have to be coordinated since non-linear systems ultimately collide at some point. In saying this our people need to understand in the purest sense that our culture and therefore our tikanga is the primary constant.

Whakapapa supports this position. Being a dynamic society does not mean we compromise on what we know to be true. I will reiterate what was taught by our old ones again

E te iwi e tika te korero he tangata te utu.”

Te Prophet

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