May 15, 2021

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Maori Youth Council create history by talking about today and looking into the future

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In an inspiring piece of good news, the Maori Youth Council arrived at Parliament for its first meeting today.

The voice of young Maori is an increasingly important aspect of modern policy advice, according to Maori Affairs Minister Dr Pita Sharples.

Maori are a growing force in Aotearoa New Zealands society, culture and economy, and young people are the voice of the future.

It is very important that we embrace the experiences and aspirations of rangatahi, as Maori launch into new fields, through advancing technology, modern communications and networking, non-traditional family and social structures, and evolving culture and lifestyles, said Dr Sharples.

Our young people are bursting with talent and enthusiasm, and I want to channel some of that into government policies and decisions that affect their lives, he said.

We have assembled a widely representative group of 14 young people, from many different iwi, regions, communities and backgrounds. I hope they will find ways to work together on key issues, their own or mine, and give me considered advice.

They will have to get to know each other, and work out how to ensure the council works for them. They will also need to know how the machinery of government operates, if they are to be effective. A fair bit of todays meeting will involve listening to and questioning officials about how they go about their jobs, and looking around Parliament and Te Puni Kokiri.

I am planning on the Council having around four meetings a year over two years, and keeping up contact in between meetings, said Dr Sharples.

The Maori Youth Council are:

  • Harata Brown
  • William Flavell
  • Tyrone Raumati
  • Waratah Taogaga
  • Mereana Te Pere
  • Coral Linstead-Panoho
  • Huirama Matatahi
  • Jade Gray
  • Areti Metuamate
  • Amanda Te Whau
  • Kahurangi Maxwell
  • Joleen Perry
  • Te Whatanui Winiata
  • Paschael Tawhara

We here at want to extend our best wishes of support to these new-generational leaders and look forward to hear back about some of the korero that happens. Kia kaha whanau!!

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