May 15, 2021

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National Maori ICT Hui, 18 – 20 Oct 2010

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In a fast changing world, the challenge for whanau is to keep pace with the rush of technology, for Maori businesses to understand and integrate evolving systems and for Maori across the country to remain consciously connected and ready to meet the challenges of this modern era, all the way remaining true to our cultural cornerstones.

Today, we are attending the National Maori ICT Hui, being hosted in Hastings by SwiftNet. This will be an amazing forum to find out just where we are, what challenges are faced by fellow practitioners and where we might head over the next few years.

Over the next few hours and days, Ill be updating you on some of the issues, ideas and challenges faced by Maori in ICT. This will be a forum from the frontline, about our individual struggles and working toward a collaborative series of solutions.

@10.35am, Mon 18 Oct 2010

3 thoughts on “National Maori ICT Hui, 18 – 20 Oct 2010

  1. @2.35am, Mon 18 Oct 2010

    With a wonderful welcome and acknowledgements, our hui got underway. The range of whanau in attendance is inspiring – we have educators, online business owners, ISP and connection companies, graphic designers and search engine optimisation consultants, digital practitioners and a fibre optic technician. We started by introducing ourselves and talking about some of our mahi, experiences. It was also important that we established the ground rules around “what game we were all playing”. In a way, though we all work in ICT, our interests and experiences are unique, so it was important to discuss what brought us to this hui. The responses were varied but the kaupapa the same – to celebrate, elevate and positively promote Maori in the ICT industry. At the same time, we need to balance the need to be true to our culture with the need to pay our bills.

  2. @11.44am – setting up with Rei Sciascia and the whanau from SwiftNet. Very exciting to be here. We have Robin from Whanganui, Quinn Nahi from Auckland, Brandon Terekia from Invercargill. Heaps of others just come through the door, so it'll be a good chance to korero with other Maori in ICT, suss out what everyone else is up to. More soon…

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