May 10, 2021

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Ngati Awa film takes away top honours in Los Angeles

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Ko Ngati Awa Te Toki, a film commissioned by the Eastern Bay of Plenty iwi, has been awarded gold at the prestigious W3 Awards held last week in Los Angeles.

The film took out the top prize in the Web Video Non-Profit section of the W3 Awards which are widely acknowledged as the international benchmark for those active in the digital creative space.

The awards are sanctioned and judged by the International Academy of the Visual Arts (IAVA), an invitation-only body consisting of respected professionals from internationally acclaimed media, interactive, advertising, and marketing firms. IAVA members include executives from organizations such as Disney, HBO, MTV and Yahoo!.

The Ko Ngati Awa Te Toki film was made by Wellington interactive media specialists Momentum Studios and captures the visions and aspirations Ngati Awa holds extending to the year 2050. The film, and associated website, formed the cornerstone of a month long awareness campaign of the same name which ran in February 2010.

Te Runanga o Ngati Awa Chief Executive Jeremy Gardiner says that he was blown away by the news and says it is something the whole iwi can be proud of.

To have the Ko Ngati Awa Te Toki film recognised by such a respected international body as the IAVA is fantastic news and tribute to the hard work that was put in by a large section of the iwi

Part of the Ko Ngati Awa Te Toki vision for 2050 is that we will be an iwi with a reputation for achievement, both domestically and internationally. To receive this accolade at such an early stage in the journey is really humbling. Mr Gardiner concludes.

Momentum Studios Antony Stenning says that the powerful nature of the film was what may have set it apart from the rest in its category

Its a beautifully crafted film that has a real heart and spirit. Because the film was produced and created by the people of Ngati Awa, it has a very emotional and authentic feel. Although it covers some very difficult times in the history of the iwi, in the end it is an uplifting story and offers a vision of a very positive future.

Although Mr Stenning is really pleased that Momentum Studios are associated with the award he says the success must be attributed to Ngati Awa as an iwi

The real acknowledgement for this goes to the iwi. Yeah, its great that Momentum can get an award for our technical skills in pulling it together but if you look at the fabric of the film, the material, the narrator, the musicians, the carvings they have been created by Ngati Awa. I think thats the main story says Mr Stenning.

This is the second international award for the Ko Ngati Awa Te Toki film after also picking up gold in the VF5: Film/Video Cultural category at the 16th Annual Communicator Awards held earlier this year.

The Ko Ngati Awa Te Toki film can be viewed online at


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3 thoughts on “Ngati Awa film takes away top honours in Los Angeles

  1. Ngati Awa Te Toki – what an achievement for our Iwi. Tau ke, Tumeke, Awesome, Kia ora. Great to be a Kiwi, an AB fan, and so proud to be a Ngati Awa descendent.

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