May 12, 2021

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The Ragged by Jim Moriarty

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The Ragged

Directed by Jim Moriarty

Written by Helen Pearse-Otene

Amidst the confusion of disgruntled settlers, the young and innocent are left to play with fire. Spirits are high amongst the baptized, a feast is being prepared. The betrothed fall into waiting arms. Time is on the side of the infidel, as deceit beckons the wise.

Director Jim Moriarty says of The Ragged, we tackle the details of our existence Writer Helen Pearse-Otene, has crafted this new work, based around the settlement of Wellington.

Samuel Kenning has travelled from Britain to claim his land in New Zealand. Instead he finds himself shipwrecked, declared a warrior and right hand to the local chief, Te Waipouri. Thaddeus Bly, with the firm hand of God asserts his disciples. Mr Crippen, the government representative, visits to review the settlement

The Ragged is the new play produced by the Te Rakau Trust Theatre Company. Following on from the success of The Battalion, the Te Rakau Trust continue to push the boundaries of applied theatre to heal open wounds and mend broken promises. Te Rakau Trust Theatre Company, aka Te Rakau Hua o te Wao TapuTrust, has been under the leadership of Jim Moriarty for 20 years running. Through applied theatre Jim and a dedicated staff tirelessly work with Maori youth, to ensure positive outcomes enabling responsible mentors in the wider community.

The Ragged

Venue: St Patricks College Theatre, Kilbirnie

Dates: November 15th December 10th

Tickets available through Ticketek

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  1. I hope Jim has stopped bullying Aperira Hohepa at Te Rakau…e-mail me and I'll give you the proof.

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