May 12, 2021

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The value of Traditional Maori Knowledge in making cities more sustainable

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Local authorities and urban planners need to recognise the value of Maori knowledge in making cities sustainable.

This is a key message from a book being launched in Wellington on Thursday, October 28th.

The book, Taone Tupu Ora, includes chapters written by Maori researchers on sustainable development, iwi and Maori land trusts, urban planners, and architects.

Editors Keriata Stuart and Michelle Thompson-Fawcett say this is the first time such varied perspectives have been brought together.

While this book is only a starting point, it highlights the breadth and depth of indigenous knowledge that can be accessed. Taone Tupu Ora shows that indigenous knowledge about building towns and cities and isnt just history. This is relevant of now and the future; it is essentially practical, says Keriata Stuart.

Contributors to the book show that Maori tupuna understood how houses needed to relate to their site, and how integrating houses, garden and communal buildings could create sustainable communities.

The contributors to Taone Tupu Ora show that this knowledge can be applied in 21st century Aotearoa New Zealand.

Keriata Stuart and Michelle Thompson-Fawcett say that the challenge ahead is for local authorities and urban planners to work with M?ori. Iwi and hap?, M?ori land owners, and taura here all need to be part of planning for sustainable development.

Taone Tupu Ora is being published by the New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities.

For more information contact:

Keriata Stuart
021 416 030

Jan Logie
New Zealand Centre for Sustainable Cities
04 918 6854|
021 038 6101

Michelle Thompson-Fawcett
03 479 8762
021 060 7116

1 thought on “The value of Traditional Maori Knowledge in making cities more sustainable

  1. Kia Ora Whanau,
    Just a brief note as I droped in on this page by chance and am suprised by what is happening here, you guys are awesome,keep up the good work I will be coming home for sure and look forward to meeting you and reading about events and especially look forward to this up and coming book.
    RAchel Smith

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