May 8, 2021

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Ahuwhenua entry valuable way to learn

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(Source | Waatea News) A past winner of the Ahuwhenua trophy for Maori farmers is encouraging land trusts and individuals to enter this year’s awards, which focus on sheep and beef operations.

Ingrid Collins, the chair of Whangara Farms and the newest member orf the awards’ organising committee, says it’s a great way to learn more about farming, business and governance.

She says her trust, which farms nearly 7000 hectares on the East Coast, got invaluable feedback from the judges.

We thought we were pretty good, being whakahihi and all the rest of it, but we werent as good as we thought we were, and when we got the comments from the judges, that made us sit up and listen and say gosh, there is more we can do, because we thought we were and thats just a lot of humbug, Ms Collins says.

The Ahuwhenua Trophy was first awarded in 1932 by then Maori affairs minister Sir Apirana Ngata to encourage Maori farmers to share knowledge, and it was revived in 2003 to acknowledge the growing importance of Maori incorporations and trusts in the sector.

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