May 10, 2021

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AUT looking for Maori Nursing Students

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(Source | Waatea News) Auckland’s AUT University is trying to encourage more Maori to take up nursing.

Anita Bamford-Wade, the joint head of the nursing faculty, says Maori have disproportionate health needs, and Maori healthcare across the board would improve if there were more Maori health professionals.

She says AUT is concerned not only to boost the number of Maori who enter training but the number who graduate.

We have put in quite a bit of support around encouraging Maori nursing students in particular and weve just employed someone whose sole role is to take care of Maori nursing students within our school and to follow them and to facilitate support for them in any way they might need it to keep them in the programme, Dr Bamford – Wade says.

Many Maori women are discouraged from training as nurses because they start their families younger.

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