May 7, 2021

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Awhi Mai Awhi Atu Smoking Cessation Training in the BOP

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Awhi Mai Awhi Atu Programme Description

The Awhi Mai Awhi Atu programme provides:

Training for people in all sectors, who in particular work with Maori, to become Quit Card Providers, enabling them to give sound and positive support to smokers wanting to quit;
1.5 days face-to-face training – kaupapa Maori based;
Access to Nga Kete Hauora, the programmes e-learning component;
Support for kaimahi to integrate smoking cessation practice into their current roles;

A resource kit which includes:
A porotiti* – taonga puoro
An information booklet describing the history, role and purpose of the porotiti
Nicotine replacement therapy
Stickers and information pamphlet.

Awhi Mai Awhi Atu as a pathway to further study:

AUT, Te Ara Hauora Maori

Aukati Kai Paipa Graduate Certificate in Health Science Pathway

Paper Descriptor

Aukati Kai Paipa/Maori Health and Smoking Cessation 555345 (Level 5)

Provides an introduction to Maori health and tobacco use and fosters critical inquiry into smoking cessation and Maori.

NB: Available as a single paper for Certificate of Proficiency, AKCOP.

Nga Wai o Horotiu, AUT Marae, City Campus

Block 1, Saturday 30 July Sunday 31 July 2011

Block 2, Saturday 3 September Sunday 4 September 2011

Block 3, Saturday 8 October Sunday 9 October 2011

*The porotiti is a taonga puoro, or wind instrument, that is steeped in Maori heritage.

As well as its use as a wind instrument, more importantly it was used in pre-contact healing practices that addressed respiratory ailments. Because of its historical use and characteristics, the porotiti can be seen as an appropriate tikanga based intervention for smokers in their quitting journey.

Outline of Awhi Mai Awhi Atu training programme:

Modules Content

Te Tahuhu Korero – The introduction to the programme through a 1 day hui covering tobacco and Maori, together with key aspects of the other Modules in this training.

Aho – The Tobacco Control sector in New Zealand and its response to Maori and smoking. The ABC approach to smoking cessation support. Delivery through Nga Kete Hauora.

Eke – Nicotine addiction, and the use of evidence based interventions including pharmaceutical products to treat the symptoms of withdrawal from nicotine. Delivery through Nga Kete Hauora.

Iri – The Quit Card Scheme and the process for accessing nicotine replacement therapy to support smokers to quit. Delivery through Nga Kete Hauora.

Oha – Exploring whakawhanaungatanga and its importance in smoking cessation support. Delivery through Nga Kete Hauora.

Uho – Hapunga wahine – the risks associated with smoking and pregnancy, and its impacts on whanau, hapu and te iwi Maori. Delivery through Nga Kete Hauora.

Te Ao Marama – A day hui exploring how to integrate smoking cessation advice into current work roles, and receiving of completion certificates

For more information contact:

Warren Moetara
Tobacco Control
[email protected]

Mob: 021 455 989

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