May 9, 2021

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Coalminers daughter rejects rush into mining

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(Source | Waatea News) Waikato-Hauraki MP Nanaia Mahuta says iwi leaders seem to be trying to push Maori into the mining camp at the same time hapu actually involved in mining are having second thoughts.

Iwi leaders including Tainui executive chair Tukoroirangi Morgan met the Prime Minister and Resources Minister last week to discuss mining policy.

Ms Mahuta says they are acting without securing a mandate from landowners, such as her constituents at Taharoa south of Kawhia.

Even though they’ve been mining the iron sands over a period of time, they are looking to diversify their activity because they are beginning to see the effects of long term mining on their coastline so it is not as if those people at Taharoa see mining as the only way to improve opportunities and increase well being and wealth among their people out there, she says.

Ms Mahuta says the majority of Maori want to protect their tribal estates rather than open them up for mining.

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