May 11, 2021

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Dublin gets a taste of a MASS Haka organised by Ngati Ranana (VIDEO)

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Dublin got a taste of what to expect on Grafton Street today ahead of the weekends game against the All-Blacks in the Aviva.

75 people answered a call on Facebook, Twitter, by email and through national associations to volunteer for a mass Haka.

Kiwis living here joined Dubliners to learn the Maori battle call from the Ngati Ranana Maori group from London.

They performed it an hour later on Grafton Street during the lunchtime rush.


Check out the following video below of a group of Irish and New Zealand volunteers being lead by Bruce Simpson and the members of the Ngati Ranana Maori Group from London doing the Haka on Grafton Street on November 19th 2010.

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