May 10, 2021

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Greens backs Taipa occupation

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(Source | Waatea News) The Green Party is backing a Ngati Kahu group which has been occupying different sites in Taipa for the past year.

The group led by brothers John and Wi Popata moved on to a privately-owned section yesterday, after being cleared by police from an adjoining council reserve last week.

Greens co-leader Meteria Turei says when Maori can’t get land back through negotiations or the law, occupation is one of the only tools they have.

These are measures of last resort. Its not like they have a genuine choice about what to do in order to save this land, so for all that its causing ruckus and huge amount of drama, I have huge sympathy with what they are trying to do which is protect their land for their kids and their kids babies, Ms Turei says.

The Waitangi Tribunal’s Mangonui Sewerage Report says Ngapuhi and Te Rarawa fought a battle at Taipa in 1843 over who had the right to sell the land, and the Crown acquired all Maori interests in the area in a series of transaction over the next 20 years, including those of Ngati Kahu.

2 thoughts on “Greens backs Taipa occupation

  1. This land belongs to ALL New Zealanders. It's council land. It's public land. If you have the cheek to call me a visitor, I'll call you a racist thug. Don't be surprised when the other citizens of this country who were born and raised here, who call New Zealand home, decide to reoccupy the land for the sake of OUR babies! New Zealand for all, not just the Maori immigrants from the Pacific islands.

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