May 12, 2021

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Hauraki Hui reaffirms Maori Women Leadership

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A national hui of Maori women, Te Whaainga Wahine have condemned the exclusion of wahine from national, regional, local and Ma?ori political forums.

The hui made specific reference to the Iwi Leaders Group who do not speak for Maori women. The hui, the first called in thirty years, has challenged Maori leadership that
advance the political agenda of the National-ACT-Maori Party Coalition at the expense of whenua, whanau and hapu wellbeing.

Hui spokesperson Denise Meisster said Te Whaainga Wahine confirmed Maori womens political, spiritual and rangatahi leadership to carry current and future generations to 2040.

The hui was honoured with the presence of international Cree leader, Sharon Venn, Chair of the Indigenous Caucus, who drafted the original Declaration on the Rights of Indigenous Peoples. She expressed absolute disgust at the misrepresentation by New Zealand representatives of the original intent of the Declaration, and called on women to re-engage with the UN.

The hui affirmed Tino Rangatiratanga by 2040 and implemented a specific plan of action to achieve this. Te Whaainga Wahine will be reconvened in Feb, 2011 in Palmerston North.

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