May 18, 2021

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iPredict picks Maori Party to hold balance of power

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Former Alliance MP Willie Jackson says the Maori Party is likely to come close to holding the balance of power, but only if Winston Peters doesn’t bring New Zealand First back into Parliament.

For the first time, the online prediction market iPredict’s weekly snapshot put the Maori Party in the box seat for picking the next Government.

It’s giving the Party five or six of the seven Maori seats, but the consensus of users who put money on possible outcomes is only picking New Zealand First to get 4 percent of the vote, not enough to give it any seats.

Mr Jackson says it’s hard to make such calls this far out.

I think that the Maori Party could go very close to holding the balance of power. The reality is they are going to win five seats minimum, so they are going to be up there, but the right wing are crying out for a Winston-type party so whilst iPredict might not be far off the mark with Maori Party holding the balance of power, if I was putting money on it, I would put my money on Winston Peters, he says.

Mr Jackson says while National leader John Key has probably done enough to keep the Maori Party votes in his column, Labour’s Phil Goff has also indicated a willingness to do a deal with Pita Sharples and tariana Turia if necessary.

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