May 12, 2021

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Iwi leaders fail to consult on mining

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(Source | Waatea News) Waikato-Hauraki MP Nanaia Mahuta says the Iwi Leaders Group is jumping the gun by talking to the government about mining on Maori land.

She says the leaders have made no effort to canvass the views on their members on the kaupapa.

She says the majority of Maori are likely to want to protect their tribal estates rather than open them up for mining.

If the iwi leaders have been talking about opportunities for mining on Maori land, I would have thought all those leaders would have raised that issue with their respective iwi prior to putting that to the government, because its as contentious amongst our various iwi as it is amongst the general community, Ms Mahuta says.

In her electorate, the hapu at Taharoa south of Kawhia is now looking at alternate uses for their land rather than the ironsand mining that has been going on for decades.

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