May 15, 2021

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Liquor law change finds easy scapegoat

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(Source | Waatea News) The director of Otago University’s national addiction centre says the Alcohol Reform Bill now before in Parliament is attacking the wrong people, including young people and young Maori.

Doug Sellman estimates about 180,000 of the 700,000 heavy drinkers in New Zealand are Maori, mostly older men.

He says the bill cherry-picks the recommendations of the Law Commission report on alcohol and sidesteps the real problems.

Over 90 percent of heavy drinkers in New Zealand are 20 years and 0ver so to say that this is a teenage or youth problem is actually missing the point. Its an adult-led heavy drinking culture, Professor Sellman says.

He says the government is ignoring actions which tackle alcohol abuse head on, including price rises, reducing availability, banning deceptive advertising and lowering the alcohol limit for drivers.

1 thought on “Liquor law change finds easy scapegoat

  1. Watch out for the trick number of slipping a bad egg into the bundle they hold out to offer us. A limit drop to 0.05 doubled deaths of 20-40 year olds in Victoria…. but in Northern Territory the affect on the indigenous tribes was even worse. They went from 45% of drivers dying behind the wheel being drunk, right up to 76% once 0.05 was in. All these academics like Sellman are thinking of their research grant chances, so they go and push perzactly what the Government is asking them to (behind closed doors). The Crown just wants them to soften up the Public for another Police issue fine and excuse to increase interference with our rite to passage, in ways a tad of research shows don’t even save lives. It’s all lies about 0.05 drink driver limits saving lives as it’s true that it is the ones much higher that kill the bro’s. I trust the people I know running groups for us victims, they have read the books thru and thru and a ticket won’t do much.

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