May 7, 2021

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Maori psychological assessment model releassed

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(Source | Waatea News) Massey University’s Te Mata o Te Tau academy for Maori research and scholarship is launching a new to test Maori mental health.

Te Kani Kingi, the academy’s director, developed the Hua Oranga Maori mental health measure as part of his PhD thesis, and has spent a decade testing and refining it.

He says it gives health providers a way to put into practice the Whare Tapa wha model for Maori, devised by Professor Sir Mason Durie.

So not just looking at their psychological functioning, well being, but also making a considered assessment as to whether or not the treatment or therapy has enhanced their physical well being, whether or not it enhanced their ability to communicate with whanau for example, and whether spiritual needs have been considered, Dr Kingi says

Non-Maori clinicians are also showing interest in the tool because it is able to measure factors of well-being that conventional tools can’t capture.

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