May 12, 2021

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Only 5% babies born in Maori speaking families in NZ – Report

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A report named, Before We Were Born has revealed some interesting details regarding the coming generation of children in New Zealand. The study involved the scrutiny of 7,000 children for a period spanning two years.

In the study, it was found that nearly 33% of the children born were to a parent, who was not raised in New Zealand. The number of children born in an unconventional family structure also saw an increase, while the average age of parents breached the 30-year mark.

The report found that an increasing number of children were being born in a diverse New Zealand, with the population not being limited to the conventional number of ethnicities. A lot of the children were born in families, where one of the parents had settled in New Zealand after they had turned adults.

The numbers of children born to primarily English speaking families were stated to be around four-fifth. While 33% children will be raised in families speaking multiple languages, though, the study has also revealed some frightening facts, as only 5% children were born in families that spoke te reo Maori.

Though, it was also revealed in the report that several mothers involved in the study had consumed alcohol or even consumed caffeine. It was also found that most of the mothers intended to get their children fully immunized.

While talking about the study, Director, Immunization Advisory Centre, Auckland University, Nikki Turner stated that mothers wanting get their children immunized was pleasant news.

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