May 13, 2021

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Review of Services for People living with HIV & AIDS in New Zealand applauded by Maori

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Maori applaud the independent report of existing services for people living with HIV & AIDS in New Zealand; Dr David Miller, commissioned by the Ministry of Health to do the review in January 2010, and released this month. The aim of the review was to inform the Ministrys investment in services for People living with HIV & AIDS.

The areas of concern for Maori living with HIV & AIDS surfaced in the report, for that we are grateful says Marama Pala, HIV positive Maori woman, Executive Director of INA (Maori, Indigenous & South Pacific) HIV/AIDS Foundation. Stigma and discrimination was identified as an area for Maori that creates obstacles for HIV & AIDS service engagement. Recognition of the issue will help us as Maori address it in a culturally appropriate manner.

Information from the review document highlights data that shows those who have acquired HIV & AIDS in New Zealand, that Maori have had the same rate of HIV diagnosis as New Zealand Europeans. Statistically, Maori have shown to be disproportionately represented says Marama Pala. We are pleased to see this confirmed by the report.

For access to the report please see;

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