May 14, 2021

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Southside spectacle creates vibrant film backdrop

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Matariki director Michael Bennett from Te Arawa says he chose to shoot his first feature in Otara because of the area’s vitality.

The film, set around a fisherman turned car thief, had its south Auckland premiere in Manukau last night and opens in selected cinemas on Thursday.

Mr Bennett, who has also helmed documentaries and episodes of hit TV show Outrageous Fortune, says it was a natural setting for his screenplay.

It’s a part of the world we dont get on our screens all that often and thats a shame because theres not that many film makers that come from South Auckland so maybe its not the first thing that comes to mind but its a vibrant place where a whole lot of different people, a whole lot of different cultures and contexts and stories just intersect and overlap in real life and I suppose thats what our film is about, Mr Bennett says.

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