May 10, 2021

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The Contenders ding ding | Te Prophet

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Tainui are seeking a new rangatira to manage its administration facility in tandem with its runanganui and commercial enterprises. In the running were Clint Rickard and Parekawhia Maclean. Both are able people if we are to assess their management competency. However in the land of the long white cloud and short tolerance span, one has a higher mountain to climb. Shakespeare once quoted in his play Othello that creditability is everything. The country does not forget easily and the perception that justice has not been met or that the weaker members of society continue to be threatened provokes sometimes a misplaced loyalty.

Both applicants are of Tainui descent and Rickard is an active member of his hapu and the tainui runanga membership. Sometimes we can forgive the person but we cannot forgive the crime. This is a high lofty mountain Rickard will need to climb for the rest of his life.

McLean despite her tenure in the public service is an adequate contender I am surprised other people with better experiences were not considered.

Who offers the most value to Tainui? I believe neither provide sufficient commercial experience to manage Tainui resources although there exists already the business infrastructure to support implementation decisions.

Both can count on their public sector experiences to guide collective decisions and influencing ministers of state if required to do so in the absence of Tukuroirang Morgan. And this is the trick, who can work best with Tuku. I believe in terms of obeying commands and not questioning senior decisions, Rickard will be the safer hands. However the public dissent and the re-positioning of Tainui as a regional leader may be compromised if Rickard is chosen. McLean could obey without question since this role is not too uncommon from what she has experienced with Ministers in the past and Tuku will need to weigh the consequences of both.

Tainui investment in the new mall complex is an iconic commercial event. It will be the biggest mall in Australasia and is already touted as a world class facility. As a beacon for increasing iwi confidence this investment vehicle bridges a divide, however the social and cultural returns have to outweigh the economic first.

Flip a coin for the Two Contenders. Even better bring in Sugar Ray Leonard, he knows Tainui he could set up the fight.

Te Prophet

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