May 18, 2021

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The Milky Bar kid is a KURA kid! (Audition Video)

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A Rotorua kura kaupapa student says she feels overwhelmed at being chosen the new Milky Bar Kid.

Eight year old Hinetaapora Short got more the 11,000 votes to get on the shortlist. Shes looking forward to coming to Auckland today to film a television advertisement and to get paid so she can go shopping. Hinetaapora Short, who is at Te Kura o te Koutu, is fluent in Maori and she is also studying Spanish. went hard helping out on Social Networking site, Facebook as did whanau and friends around the country. Milkybar spokesman Jeremy Boucher said Hinetaapora was a special youngster.

In a world first, the cute blonde from Rotorua, 8, was chosen yesterday as Nestle’s first female Kid – which meant lots of newspaper and television interviews in Wellington where the news was announced. Importantly to us, she is Maori!! Another world first!

I’ve done heaps. It feels awesome.”

The Te Kura o Te Koutu student thought there was a big chance she was going to be rich so she started making little plans with her mum Nicki for when her pay packets start rolling in.

“Well, me, my mum and my best friend are going to go shopping in Rotorua. I don’t know for what though, just clothes and makeup.”

She said she loved her new Wild West get up including spotted cowgirl vest, black stetson and fetching pink neckerchief.

“It’s the right size and it’s really, really, pretty cool.”

Hinetaapora has had to sit on the news since Wednesday, when her parents let her in on the secret. It was one of the hardest things keeping it close to her chest, she said.

Fluent in te reo and learning Spanish, Hinetaapora said she loved singing and kapa haka.

Hinetaapora will star in the new television commercial early next year.

  • Some of the above appeared in the NZ Herald and was written by Yvonne Tahana.

Below is what got Hinetaapora in the running – and no doubt you can see she is a STAR!! Ka rawe e kotiro!!!

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