May 15, 2021

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The Protesters (Merita Mita, Jim Moriarty, Billy T, Joanna Paul) online exclusive

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We got a cool panui via the digital kumera vine which we think you too will be interested in. NZ On Screen have a newly uploaded movie which you is available exclusively at NZ On Screen.

Part of the innovative ‘Loose Enz’ series from the 1980s, ‘The Protesters’ featured one of the greatest Maori ensemble casts ever, including Merata Mita, Jim Moriarty, and Billy T James in a serious dramatic role as a Marxist. (And is that a young Joanna Paul? Why yes!)

The Protestors explores issues surrounding race and land ownership in NZ in the aftermath of the Springbok Tour and occupation of Bastion Point. A group of Maori and Pakeha protestors occupy ancestral land that the government is trying to sell. As they wait for the police to turn up they debate whether to go quietly or respond with violence. Though some wounds are healed, The Protestors ends on a note of division and uncertainly, gauging the contemporary climate.

Quotes from this episode:

Youre not a real Maori. Youre only a weekend Maori.

All those people who came out against apartheid in South Africa. I say what about racism in this country? What about our own back yard?

Here we are fighting against ourselves. Thats why were weak.

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