May 7, 2021

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The Stars and The Moon

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On Thursday 18th November, the New Zealand film Matariki was launched at cinemas throughout NZ. After a highly successful outing at the Toronto Film Festival, it will finally be accessible to audiences in its country of origin. Make sure you take the opportunity to go and see it.

There are some strange coincidences between Matariki and The Insatiable Moon. Both are first time features by screenwriters Michael Bennett and Mike Riddell respectively. Michael has a writing office in Ponsonby a side room of Ponsonby Baptist Church. The funeral scene in The Insatiable Moon was shot at Ponsonby Baptist Church. Matariki was rehearsed in the very same hall where the public meeting scene from The Insatiable Moon was shot.

Both films star the wonderful Sara Wiseman. Each of them is an urban film, and treats the urban environment respectfully. And, most importantly, both are original NZ films. Of course Matariki referencesthe Maori name for the group of stars also known as the Pleiades star cluster or The Seven Sisters and The Insatiable Moon has more than a passing reference to the power of the moon.

Both films depend on New Zealanders to support them at the box office. Each week millions of dollars go offshore to the Hollywood blockbusters, while many kiwi films struggle to win their audience. Naturally enough, such films need to have quality stories to attract viewers, but both Matariki and The Insatiable Moon have proven their mettle with audiences.

Treat yourself and support great NZ films at the same time!

  • Official Matariki website is here.
  • Official Insatiable Moon website is here.

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