May 18, 2021

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The tramp of furry feet

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New Zealand was a movie set this last week. Hard to say what genre it was but mostly it was a Mickey Mouse movie with dwarves, politicians, union leaders and bleating fat cats thrown in; oh and then there were the mugs thats us.

In case youre not sure who played who, well the union leaders were obvious and played themselves, they were suitably vilified as is their wont; the pollies from the PM down made dicks of themselves as perhaps is their wont too by pandering to the fat cats Peter Jackson and his cronies, and his bed fellows Warner Brothers who flew in from Hollywood, ultimately at the expense of the mugs, thats us.

Peter Jackson wrote the script, the intent of which was to keep him in even greater comfort than he now enjoys, and the union leaders and the pollies played into his and Warners trap, and of course we did our job and paid the bill.

Now Jackson is happy he gets a couple of years more work and will make several more million dollars for the privilege, the Warner boys having been run around in the limos bought by the mugs and provided for their transportation by the pollies have now flown home having screwed $100-million out of us the mugs, John Key gets to poke Labour and the unions in the eye and achieves another low in the politics of this banana republic by changing the law to suit a bunch of American movie making wide boys.

Imagine if someone sat down and wrote that up as a script and submitted it for funding; theyd be laughed out of town.

But thats exactly whats just happened here.

Of course there will be people who say Ive got this completely wrong; like the actor from Christchurch whos over the moon because hes been chosen to play one of the dwarves and probably the caf owners in Hobbiton formerly known as Matamata. But is that the height of our ambition in this country to be a latte swilling dwarf in Matamata; and do we need to legislate to make it happen? It would appear so.

In the meantime though people from my home area of Tairawhiti who dont have work and therefore didnt get a tax reduction, but do have to pay the increase in GST, and wont get to be a dwarf of whatever other form of furry footed minion Jackson might need in order to score another multi million dollar payout just have an even harder job trying to feed their families and make ends meet.

The hospital workers and teachers whove been told there is no more money in the kitty will be wondering where the latest hundred million dollars sprung from and how easily it was found compared to funding to help the elderly and sick who have paid taxes all their working lives; and to fund the education of the children who will pay taxes during their lives; on the other hand Jackson and Warners will NOT pay tax they will instead be paid by us to make the films.

I wonder is it possible for Pete to get a bar to his knighthood?

By Derek Fox

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