May 10, 2021

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Opinion: Theres a new Bird in town | Te Prophet

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Pem Bird was announced Maori Party president on the 29th of October. Whatarangi’s farewell speech was a rebuke to potential distractors rather than the uniting of the Maori nation. It might have meant both but the korero of others suggests not, Annette Sykes found that out when she crossed old Judge Hingston. A lesson learned perhaps and for the better.

But if whakapapa was ever going to mean something and which allowed everyone to feel some ownership for, no calming voice was heard. Hone’s persistence resulted in one of his key supporters losing the presidency, an avoidable incidence if true alliances were not revealed. But they were and Birds overconfidence to cement his gratitude limited any praise worthy of his past achievements.

Laments were many.

Peter Sharples continually refers to the need to gain more wins in parliament. Unfortunately compromises in parliament are not premised on intelligence but good faith and good faith changes constantly. A committed team can adapt and respond dynamically, and fine tuning this ability also includes the foresight to speculate with a high probability of success. The machine and its cogs are one sentient being, clarity with obscurity. These guys are nowhere near this point. Forcing the disillusioned to raise the battle flag again calls to mind the integrity of the constituents and these people are not first time campaigners. Sharples and Turia are predictable and emotional, these traits are required by National party strategists since they can be easily influenced and distracted with personal gains. Sifting through the lower ranks or identifying triggers remains a work in progress for both National and Labour.

Iwi leadership do not concern themselves now with this type of politicking. Better economic gains can be made with easier access to Pakeha decision makers. The Maori Party is an alternative channel if required and more than anything else provides a sounding board with little risk of commercial redress. The two settlements of Ngati Kuia and Ngati Apa of recent weeks mark the beginning of next years election trial. We should expect a plethora of settlements and possibly some iwi will surely be grateful to the government of the day.

The last labour government was excellent at this but it backfired, will National fall into the same trap?

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  1. Kia ora … What exactly are you trying to say? theres lots of issues alluded to in your article however some clarity is needed ….

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