May 19, 2021

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Toihuarewa Research Symposium 2010 | Manurere: Travelling Maori

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Individual scholars are working on individual journeys in a range of projects about Maori who have traveled outside Aotearoa for many reasons: sporting, scholarly, military, artistic, economic, political and so on. This is a opportunity to bring some of those scholars and projects together. Manu Ao anticipate that when these journeys are held alongside each other they will extend our collective ideas about Maori experiences, including Maori experiences beyond Aotearoa.

This symposium offers an occasion to report on research, explore opportunities for research connections and start a conversation about a possible publication.

Speakers include:

  • Dr Ngapare Hopa
  • Prof. Piri Sciascia
  • Dr Michelli Erai
  • Dr Roger Blackley
  • Dr COnal McCarthy
  • Dr Robert Joseph
  • Paul Diamond
  • Dr Anna-Marae Christiansen
  • Paul Meredith
  • Dr Alice Te Punga-Somerville

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