May 18, 2021

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Local access for marae via Ultra Fast Rural Broadband announced

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Torotoro Waea announced today that its local access network model for delivery of Ultra Fast Broadband to rural communities is now up and running.

Te Wananga o Raukawa has installed the first Local Broadband Access Point (LBAP) on a genuine open access fibre optic network in the town of Otaki, one hour north of Wellington.

The Torotoro Waea model has been developed to provide a cost-effective approach in creating ultra fast telecommunications infrastructure for local rural communities. As well, it is a blueprint for open access, maintenance, operations and revenue sharing that allows many different parties to contribute to the building and operation of rural infrastructure.

A new pricing model has been set for schools, marae, farms, homes, businesses and government entities. Included is access to the KAREN network for connectivity to educational and research institutions. Antony Royal, spokesman for Torotoro Waea commented that “over the next few weeks we will be adding businesses, schools, homes and marae”.

Ana Winiata, General Manager for Te Runanga o Raukawa says that the potential for connecting the 24 marae of Ngati Raukawa through ultra fast broadband will not only provide educational benefits but will encourage wh?nau to connect with those near and far.

Ms Winiata added that “Rangatahi (young) Maori are using the latest technology and the internet for education, employment, social activities and in all areas of their lives. Our communities and marae need to be able to provide the environment for them to communicate in this manner. We’re really pleased that our whanau, hapu and iwi will have access to this technology.”

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  1. Hi, I'm very interested in this network – we are soon to be living at Otaki Beach – is this network available for subscription? Thanks

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